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The ordination and Induction of Rob Beamish, our new Assistant Pastor, took place on Saturday 13th September 2003. We welcomed friends and relatives from around the country to Lymm for what proved to be a tremendous occasion. Rob begins his ministry here with a special focus on youth and community outreach.

Ordination & Induction Order of Service


We meet today in the name of almighty God to set Rob apart for the pastoral ministry of Word and Sacrament, believing that God has so called him.

It is right that we who are gathered in this congregation, as representative members of the Church of Christ, should hear Rob give an account of his call.

Then we should hear from those who have sought, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to test that call, who have recognised it to be from God, and who now commend Robís suitability for this ministry.

Leader            (to Rob)

In the presence of God and before his people you come today to be ordained to the ministry to which God has called you.  Do you truly believe that God has given you this calling?

Ordinand            I do

Rob will bow give a brief statement of how Godís call was perceived and answered.

Statements concerning the call to the ordained ministry

Leader to representative of Waterlooville Baptist Church

Trevor you represent the church of which Rob was a member when he responded to the call to ministry.  Are you able to confirm that the members of the church recognised God at work in this?

I am (Trevor responds with a statement)

Statement from the commending Association

Before Robert went to Regent's Park College his call was first tested by the Ministerial Recognition Committee of the then Southern (now Southern Counties) Baptist Association. One of the Regional Ministers of that Association, The Revd Frank Boyd writes, in commendation:

"The Ministerial Recognition Committee of the Southern Baptist Association met with Robert Beamish in the autumn of 1997. He had been recommended to us by his home church at Waterlooville. We were able to discern in him not only a sense of God's calling upon his life but much of the gifting that, with good training, would enable to him to give the type of leadership needed in pastoral ministry. We therefore, with confidence, commended him to Regent's Park College, Oxford for training and are happy now to endorse his desire for ordination."

Leader to College representative

Rob prepared for ministry at Regentís Park College.  Do you now confirm that the College now recommends him as a minister in the Church of Christ?

I do (Revd Dr Tim Bradshaw will give a statement)

Leader to representative of the Calling Church

The call to be a minister in the Church of Christ must be confirmed through an invitation to serve in the fellowship and mission of a particular Christian community. Rob has been invited to the Assistant pastorate of Lymm Baptist Church Chris as Senior Minister of this church do you confirm that its members believe this to be in the purpose of God?

I do

Questions to the Ordinand

Leader:        My brother, do you believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and do you confess Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Lord?

Ordinand:   I do so believe and confess.

Leader:        Jesus told his followers, ĎGo to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciplesí.  In your ministry will you seek to ensure that the gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed in such a way that many hear and understand his good news for them?

Ordinand:  I will.

Leader:        Jesus said to Peter, Ďfeed my sheepí.  In your ministry will you play your part in the nourishment and nurture of the flock of Christ that the members may be able to grow to maturity and use the gifts Christ has entrusted to them?

Ordinand:  I will.

Leader:        Jesus commanded his disciples, Ďlove one another as I have loved youí.  In your ministry will you do your best to ensure that the welcome and help of the church will be available for all who seek it, whatever their need or circumstance?

Ordinand:  I will.

Leader:        Jesus challenged his disciples to leave self behind, to take up their cross, and to follow after him.  Are you determined to walk this path even though you do not know where it leads?

Ordinand:   I am.

Presentation of Ordination Bible by Revd Dr Tim Bradshaw

                        Receive this copy of the Scriptures.  Study them so that you may grow in Christ and may help the church to proclaim the whole truth of God for the world.

Laying on of Hands and Ordination Prayer

Rob kneels, holding bible. Chris Haig, Chris Newton, Tim Bradshaw, Ewen Huffman and Trevor Giles will gather round to lay on hands and pray.


Regional Minister

We come now to the act of induction to the pastorate of this church.  We shall hear first how the church felt led to call Rob to be their assistant minister, and then from Rob why he responded to the call.

Statement by George Philips, the Church Secretary detailing how the church came to issue the call to Rob.

Statement by Rob detailing how he recognised the call and responded to it.

Questions to Rob and Church Members

Regional Minister to Rob

My brother, are you convinced that you have been called by God to serve him through the pastoral oversight of his people here?

Minister            I am.

Regional Minister

Do you promise to carry out this ministry with enthusiasm and dedication, to set Godís Word before his people, to lead in the conduct of worship, to work in partnership with the deacons and members of the fellowship, and to encourage and enable them all to carry out Christís mission in the local community and the world?

Minister            Relying on Godís help I make this solemn promise.

Regional Minister

Will you be conscientious in prayer, in reading the scriptures, and in all studies that will deepen your faith and help you to uphold the truth of the Gospel?

Minister            Relying on Godís help I will.

Regional Minister to the Church Members

Brothers and sisters in Christ, do you acknowledge and receive Rob as your assistant minister?

Church Members

                        We do.

Regional Minister

Will you encourage and support him in his ministry, and will you play your part alongside him in forwarding the work of the Kingdom of God?

Church Members

                        Gladly we will.

                        Chris Haig then asks the congregation to stand.

Induction Prayer

A number of friends will lay on hands and pray for Lou and Rob.

Declaration of Ordination and Induction

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, in the name of this church, and in the name of the churches of our Baptist faith and order, we declare you to be ordained to the Christian ministry and inducted as pastor of this church.

The whole Congregation joins in saying

                        May the Lord bless you and keep you

                        The Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you

The Lord turn His face towards you and give you His peace

The Right Hand of Fellowship

This will now be given by the Regional Minister and then by various representatives.

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